” I would have stolen a whole orchestra..”


I will sit with my ship at the bottom of the ocean in my scuba gear if I have to


make me choose Harmony or Everthorne or Doctor/Rose (for Shannon and Kyle)

2014 Fangirl Challenge | 14 Characters

[1/14]  Molly Hooper - Sherlock

"Are you okay? Don’t just say you are, because I know what that means—looking sad when you think no one can see you…What I’m trying to say is that, if there’s anything I can do, anything you need, anything at all, you can have me."


→ When do we start? (x)

… the one person that mattered the most. 


Lifestyle photographer Grace Chon recently turned the camera on her 10-month-old baby Jasper and their 7-year-old rescue dog Zoey, putting them side-by-side in the some of the most adorable portraits ever.

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that the world is crazier than you are.